The Museum of Prehistoric Thera & Ancient Thera

If you are a history lover then we strongly recommend you to visit the museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Ancient Thira Settlement. This museum is directly connected with the archeological site of Akrotiri and specifically with the great prosperity that followed during the 17th century BC. Reports suggest the residents fled after the volcano …

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Ammoudi Bay

Undoubtedly Ammoudi beach is included in the best beaches of the island of Santorini and is the picturesque port on the foot of Oia which is worth visiting. On this beach, there is a small port which played a key role in the export of goods and especially local wines in previous centuries. At Ammoudi …

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Boat excursions

Ready to sail! The location of Santorini and its diverse beaches give you the opportunity to visit them by sea, choosing the way you want. Either Catamaran, sailing boat, or a luxury boat you can book for as many people as you want and discover the beaches of Santorini that are accessible only by boat. …

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Hiking trail Caldera

Covering a distance of 10 km the hiking trail from Fira to Oia is the favorite activity of visitors to the island of Santorini. A route in the northwestern part of the island that addresses all levels of fitness will enchant you. Walk at your own pace on this gentle path against the backdrop of …

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Oia Sunset

If not the best sunset in the world, the sunset in Oia is definitely on the top sunsets list. During your visit to the island of Santorini, you will find that many of the visitors have been to the island to live this unique experience as it acquires a growing reputation while many are the …

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